Ajax Camps 2019: Mick & Chloe (Chicago)

Ajax Camps 2019: Mick & Chloe (Chicago)

Hi Mick and Chloe,

Great that the two of you are joining the Ajax Camps again next summer! Can you tell us something more about yourself?

Mick: My name is Mick. I am 9 years old and play soccer in the U10-team of the Chicago Northwind Soccer Club.

Chloe: I am Chloe, Mick his sister. I am 11 years old and play soccer in the U11-girls team, also of the Chicago Northwind Soccer Club.

You both participated multiple times already in the Ajax Camps and that all the way from Chicago. What is your connection with the Netherlands?  

Mick: We lived in the Netherlands for a few years before we moved to Chicago because of our dad’s work.

Chloe: Two times a year we return to the Netherlands, because we still have relatives living there.

Mick: Sadly, our grandfather is a Roda JC-fan and not an Ajax-fan…

For how long have you been playing soccer?

Mick: I have been playing soccer here in Chicago since I was 4 years old.

Chloe: I haven’t been playing soccer as long as Mick. I started a year ago, because I saw Mick playing soccer all the time and I thought it was really cool to do. I’ve been playing soccer ever since and I really love it.

How often do you play soccer?

Chloe: We both have two trainings a week and play a match every weekend. Besides that we do play soccer in our spare time after school with our friends.

Do you see a lot of difference between soccer in America and soccer in the Netherlands?

Mick: In the Netherlands they play way more offensive soccer than in America.

Chloe: And the Netherlands is just better!

Mick: Haha, I agree. The Netherlands is way better than America!

How did you get in touch with the Ajax Camps & Clinics?

Mick: Our dad went looking for a soccer camp and came up with the Ajax Camps & Clinics. I just love Ajax very much! Whenever we are in the Netherlands, I love going to the ArenA and watch Ajax play.

Chloe: I like that I can see the players in real life instead of on television.

Do you like participating in the Ajax Camps together?

Mick: For sure! This year I’m participating for the third time and it will be Chloe her second time. The only thing is that we’re not in the same training group, because Chloe is older than I am.

Chloe: Yes, I like participating in the Ajax Camps together with Mick. There is such a nice ambience at the Ajax Camps and it’s also nice to meet different kids from all over the world. During the Ajax Camps I became friends with a girl from Ohio and we kept in contact ever since. We would like it if there would be an Ajax Camp special for girls in the future.

What do you like best about the Ajax Camps & Clinics?

Mick: I like training in the miCoach hall, or as I call it ‘the big bubble’. The trainers at Ajax are also very good and nice. We have participated a few times in a soccer camp here in Chicago as well, but the trainers there were way stricter than at Ajax.

Chloe: Yes, training in the miCoach hall is super cool! I also like that we’re taught a lot of new soccer tricks. My favorite trick that I’ve learned during the Ajax Camps, is the trick called ‘Johan Cruijff’. I hope to learn a lot of new tricks next time.

Have you noticed that you became better in soccer thanks to the Ajax Camps?

Chloe: For sure! Last year I didn’t know anything about soccer because I just started playing. But after the Ajax Camp I knew a lot more and I got much better.

Mick: I notice a lot of difference too. I have way more endurance than before and my technical skills got better as well.

Who is your favourite Ajax-player?

Chloe: Frenkie de Jong!

Mick: Yes, Frenkie! He’s very good and he’s going to FC Barcelona.

Chloe: Mick even went to Camp Nou once.

Mick: Camp Nou was super cool! FC Barcelona is also one of my favorite clubs, but Ajax is my number one of course!

Do you want to become just as good  a soccer player as Frenkie de Jong in the future?

Mick: Yes, I really want to. I would love it to play in the Ajax-stadium once.

Chloe: I think that I want to be a professional soccer player in the future as well. But it also seems very cool to me to become an architect.

Thank you for your time and we’ll see you this summer at the Ajax Camps!