Monday Memories: Sem (Seoul)

Monday Memories: Sem (Seoul)

Hi Sem, 

Great that you’re participating in the Ajax Camps & Clinics for the fourth time, and that all the way from South Korea! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you! My name is Sem. I’m almost 13 years old and I live in Seoul. I play soccer since I was 4 years old. My position in the field is offensive midfielder. I lived in the Netherlands till I was 4. Then we moved to the Filipines and now we’re living in Seoul, South Korea. 

Wow! You have already seen a lot of the world. How did you end up with the Ajax Camps & Clinics? 

My mom found the Ajax Camps & Clinics on the internet and asked me if I thought it would be fun to join an Ajax Camp. I remember responding: “Of course! I love Ajax!” We decided to visit The Netherlands next summer and try an Ajax Camp. I’m very happy that we decided to go, because every year since I am happy to go back. 

Do you remember your first time at the Ajax Camps & Clinics?

In the beginning I didn’t really know what to do and everything was still new and thrilling. I had never done something like this before. But on the second and third day already, I made a lot of new friends. That made everything easier and more fun of course. With some friends I exchanged numbers, so I still talk to them sometimes. We try to come back at Ajax in the same week, but you’re never really sure when someone registered already. 

Great to hear that you made friends so easily. Do you like training in a team at the Ajax Camps & Clinics?

Yes, I really like training in a team. I’m always very happy to go to the Ajax Camps, because the teams are better divided there than at my own club. At the Ajax Camps & Clinics you play with kids who are the same age as you. All kids either speak English or Dutch and everybody is just really nice. It is easy to make friends at the Ajax Camps & Clinics. All kids are so enthusiastic and they all want to talk about Ajax.

Did you win any prices with your team?

Sadly, no. But I did get the captaincy twice! That’s for sure one of the best memories I have of the Ajax Camps & Clinics. If someone asks me about the Ajax Camps & Clinics, that’s what comes to my mind immediately. 

Is something like the Ajax Skills final your favorite part at the Ajax Camps?

I just love to see if I can be the best at what I do. The game-forms at the end of the day, like team against team where you have keep possession of the ball, shooting at the goal and the dribble-challenge, are for sure my favorite training forms. I do hope to get the MVP-price (Most Valuable Players) for the first time this summer. That’s a dream of mine. 

Are there any further parts of the Ajax Camps & Clinics that are special to you?

The opening ceremony! I think the opening ceremony is so cool. When we all come running together on the field, that’s so special. I had never done that before and now I do it almost every year. I already look forward doing that again this summer. And the times we went to the Johan Cruijff ArenA are also really special to me. These activities during the Ajax Camps & Clinics really give me the feeling that I’m a real Ajax-player. 

Were you able to meet any Ajax-players at the Ajax Camps?

Unfortunately not. I did see them train and I went to the Johan Cruijff ArenA. That was already impressive to me. I hope that there will be an Ajax-player this summer. Especially Tadic. He is new at Ajax, but I just really like him and he scores a lot. I would also love it if Ziyech visit a training.

Did you get a lot out of the Ajax Camps & Clinics? 

For sure! I use a lot of turns that I’ve learned at the Ajax Camps & Clinics. The trainers give really good tips and I try to remember all of them. I think the evaluation papers are also very useful. I still have all of them. My whole room is actually full of Ajax. Balls, training kits, reports and bottles. Especially the Ajax clothes, I still wear them a lot. I can’t wait to wear the new Ajax Camps & Clinics-kit next summer!

Great Sem! Thank you for the interview and we’ll see you next summer!