Ajax Camps 2018: Ntfutfuko (South Africa)

Ajax Camps 2018: Ntfutfuko (South Africa)

Hi Ntfutfuko,

Could you tell us something about yourself?

I`m 10 years old and play at the Saint Thomas Soccer Academy. My position is center forward or on the midfield.

How often do you train each week?

I train 4 times and play 1 match weekly. Mostly I also play soccer when I`m playing outside with friends.

How do you know about the Ajax Camps and how long do you stay in the Netherlands?

Since the 90`s my father is a hugh fan of Ajax, because they won the Champions League with their self-educated footballers. Therefore we went searching on the internet and found the Ajax Camps. We will stay 1 week in the Netherlands and arrive 2 days before the start of the camp.

Do you see soccer matches in Europe on tv and who`s your favorite player?

We mostly watch the Italian, Spanish, English and Dutch league. My favorite player is Philippe Coutinho from FC Barcelona. I was a fan of Justin Kluivert when he played at Ajax and this year I don’t know who will be my favorite Ajax-player.

Which country did you support at the World Cup and who`s going to win the final?

I supported Brasil and Belgium, but unfortunately they’re both not in the final. I think France is going to win the World Cup, because they have a lot of good players.

What is your favorite soccer experience?

A couple of weeks ago I played very good and we won the final of a tournament with 4-1. I was very excited.

What do you expect to learn at the Ajax Camps?

To train like a real professional footballer and develop my talents. I think we will train our technique a lot and become a better football player after the camp.

Thanks for answering the questions. See you next summer at the Ajax Camps!