Ajax Camps 2018: John Lucca van den Berg (Mexico)

Ajax Camps 2018: John Lucca van den Berg (Mexico)
We hope you had a great time at the Ajax Camp and learned a lot of new things! To begin with, could you tell us a little bit more about yourself? 
My name is John Lucca van den Berg, I am 7 years old. My parents are Dutch and Mexican. I live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
At which club do you play now and how many days a week do you train? 
I don’t play with a club, just my school Colegio Papalote. I train 2 or 3 times per week + with my Dad for fun and play with both categories under 8s and under 10s.
What do you think are the biggest differences between playing football in Holland and Mexico?  
Here in Holland it is colder. The balls are a lot harder but super good. You have really pumped them up! The facilities where you train are amazing compared to Mexico. The exercises in the training camp were all different. In Mexico half the training is a match.
Why did you choose to go to the Ajax Camp? Did you know anything about the club already? 
My Dad was born in Holland so I have a lot of family  here and we come to visit each year. One day when I came back from school my Dad showed me a video of the Ajax camp. It looked amazing and I told him that I wanted to go. I like Ajax a lot. It is my team from Holland.
How did you experience the Ajax Camps, what was your favorite part? 
My favorite part was the indoor football match. 
What did you learn the most?
After you have received the ball when I’m attacking I have learned that I need to speed up more.
When you go back to Mexico, do you have any new goals for the upcoming season? 
Play with my heart so I have fun.
Do you think about coming back to the Ajax Camps next year?
Yes I would love to come back to Ajax Camps next year!