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Ajax Camps & Clinics doesn't include accommodation. The following hotels do offer special rates for our Ajax Camps & Clinics participants who will train at 'De Toekomst' camp locationJAZ-HotelHoliday Inn Amsterdam Arena Towers & Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam Arena Towers. These hotels are within walking distance (10-15 minutes) from the official training grounds of Ajax 'De Toekomst'. When you stay outside of Amsterdam 'De Toekomst' can also be reached by car or public transport. The nearest train stop is Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and underground station is Strandvliet (10-15 minutes walking distance).

The Ajax Camps & Clinics are based on the same trainingmethods as the Ajax youth-players follow. The exceptional program is carefully designed to bring out the best in every participant. Due to the skill level of our trainers the trainingmethods can be applied to any kind of age and skill-level. 

The skill-level of the participants of Ajax Camps & Clinics is various. The difference between players can be kids that play footbal for the first time as well as kids who play in talentteams. Every child can participate regardless of skill-level. Based on age and skill-level the participants will be placed in groups of their own age and skill-level. This, in order for every participant to improve their skill.

Ajax Camps & Clinics has a regulation of 72 participants per footbal field. Depending on the number of participants at a Camp or Clinic we can use one or more footbal fields at De Toekomst.

Ajax Camps & Clinics devides our participants in groups based on age & skill level. Each group has it's own coach and has a maximum of 12 participants. 

Ajax Camps & Clincs has special Camps & Clinics just for goalkeepers. They are divided in different groups based on their age and skill-level each group with their own coach. The Goalkeepers can participate from the age of 8. For more information about the Goalkeeper Camps & Clinics, check our website!


Ajax Camps & Clinics has the possibility on the website to pay with iDEAL or Credit Card. If you are not able to pay with iDEAL or Credit Card we kindly want to ask you to e-mail us. Together we can search for alternative paymentmethods. Our mail adres is: info@ajaxcampsenclinics.nl

There can be different reasons for not receiving the confirmation e-mail. The most seen problems are discribed below:

  1. The payments isn't completed.
  2. The wrong mailaddress is givin to us
  3. Your Internetprovider is blokking automatic e-mail traffic
  4. The confirmation is listed as spam in your mailbox

If you are not sure what the problem is, or want to receive a new confirmation e-mail, please contact us: info@ajaxcampsenclinics.nl

Unfortunately we can't cancel the reservation for free. The costs of a cancallation can be found in our general conditions

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