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As you can see on our site, there is no possibility to sign up for an Ajax Clinic at De Toekomst. Due to renovations at De Toekomst, there is no possibility for us to organize Ajax Clinics at De Toekomst. It's still uncertain when we may use the sports complex again.

No Ajax scouts are present at the Ajax Camps & Clinics, we are not the Ajax youth academy.

Ajax Camps & Clinics is for players to experience what it is like to play as an Ajax player. 

Our trainers will of course keep their eyes open for players who stand out and will forward these names.

The Ajax Camps & Clinics are based on the same training methods as followed by the Ajax youth-players. The exceptional program is carefully designed to bring out the best in every participant. Because of our skilled trainers, the training methods can be applied to any kind of age and skill-level. 

The skill-level of the participants of Ajax Camps & Clinics is diverse. There are participants that play football for the first time as well as players who play in talent teams at their clubs. Every child aged between 6-16 can participate in Ajax Camps & Clinics regardless of their level of play. Team formations will be based on age and skill in order for every participant to improve themselves (individually and as a team).

Ajax Camps & Clinics applies a maximum of 72 participants per football field. Depending on the number of participants at a Camp or Clinic, we will use one or more football fields at De Toekomst (or one of our other locations throughout The Netherlands).

Ajax Camps & Clinics divides participants in groups based on age, skill level and the wishes of a participant.
Each group has its own coach and has a maximum of 14 participants per team. 

Ajax Camps & Clinics also has special Camps & Clinics especially designed for goalkeepers. The goalkeepers are divided indifferent teams based on their age and skill-level. Each group has their own coach. The goalkeepers can participate from the age of 8-16 years old. For more information about the Goalkeeper Camps & Clinics, check out our website!

The Ajax Camps & Clinics are at this time unfortunately not equipped to facilitate a proper and fun participation for children with a disability. Ajax does organize a lot of other entertaining events for children with a disability, for instance via the Ajax Foundation. Should there be any questions, please contact us via: info@ajaxcampsenclinics.nl.

During the Ajax Camp, parents/carers are welcome to attend the Ajax Camp in the morning until 11:00. We then ask them to leave the training complex so that the children and the trainers can focus on training. From 14:45 they are welcome again to watch the end of the day. 

At Camps, training sessions are until 12:30 on Wednesdays, parents may then come and watch the whole training.


There can be different reasons for not receiving the confirmation e-mail. The most common problems are:

  1. The payment process has not been completed.
  2. The wrong mail address is entered.
  3. Your Internet provider is blocking automatic e-mail traffic.
  4. The confirmation is listed as spam in your mailbox.

If you are still unsure what the problem is, or want to receive a new confirmation e-mail, please contact us at info@ajaxcampsenclinics.nl

Sometimes this happens because several people are paying at the same time. However, this error message does not mean that the payment has not been processed. So first check if the money has been debited to your account, before you make another payment. This way you prevent double payment and registration. If you are unsure whether the payment was successful, please contact Ajax Camps & Clinics.

Ajax Camps & Clinics offers the possibility to pay on the website with iDEAL or Credit Card. If you are not able to pay with one of these options we kindly ask you to e-mail us on info@ajaxcampsenclinics.nl. Together we can search for an alternative payment method.

Unfortunately we can't cancel the reservation for free. The costs of a cancellation can be found in our general conditions

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